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Patrick Harper-Smith / Simon Derry

Project Management: Fast Track to Success

Edition 1

Project Management: Fast Track to Success

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Projects are there to deliver measurable benefits and value to an organisation. Delivering on time and on budget is important, but project management is not just about doing things right, it is also about doing the right things to get the results your business needs. To be an effective project manager you need to maintain flexibility in all things and to maintain your focus on the fact that it is the business need that is paramount, not the process of getting there. Fast to Success: Project Management, helps you do this by providing you with a practical, flexible and adaptable framework for managing projects.


This practical, career-oriented book gets you up to speed on project management quickly. It shows you how to integrate the core best-practice tools of project management with broader business needs and how to involve people across the whole business, as and when required. It gives you: 

  • Project management in a nutshell - a series of frequently-asked-questions to give you a concise overview of the subject
  • The top 10 tools and techniques you can use to help you develop your approach to project management
  • Simple checklists to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your capabilities and those of your team 
  • Advice on leading your team – how to decide your leadership style and build your team
  • Tips on how to progress your career, whether it’s your first 10 weeks in the job or whether you’re looking to get right to the top

Don’t get left behind, set out on the Fast Track today. For more resources, log on to the series website at www.fast-track-me.com.




The Fast Track books provide you with a complete resource to get ahead as a manager – faster. They bring together the latest business thinking, cutting edge online material and all the practical techniques you need to fast track your career. Specially designed to help you learn what you need to know and to develop the skills you need to get ahead, each book is broken down into 4 key areas:

  • Awareness - find out where you are now and what you need to do to improve
  • Business building - the tools and techniques you need to build up your skills
  • Career development- learn the steps you should take now if you want to get ahead
  • Director’s toolkit - tips to get you to the top. And make sure you stay there!

Fast Track features include:

  • The Fast Track Top 10 – a concise, cutting edge summary of the information you need to shine
  • Quick Tips and FAQs – a short cut to practical advice from people who have been there before you and succeeded
  • Real life stories to give examples of what works – and critically, what doesn’t
  • Practical career guidance including a framework of objectives for your first 10 weeks in a new role
  • Expert Voices – to give you the state of the art view from today’s leading experts

To complement the Fast Track to Success Series there is a custom-designed, highly interactive online resource at www.Fast-Track-Me.com log on now to get on the Fast Track today.

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