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Tony. Cram

The Finishing Touch

How to Build World-Class Customer Service

Edition 1

The Finishing Touch

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Concise, realistic and very readable, this book is packed with insightful thinking for service excellence

Alan Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Whitbread Group



‘Brilliantly simple premise – that a winning service approach lies in a ‘rising upward trajectory’ culminating in a brilliant finish – dissected into eight very practical steps that anyone can use.  As the owner of a service brand myself, I’ll be starting on Monday.’

Adam Morgan, Founder, eatbigfish



'Rich with practical, real life solutions'. 

Dean Finch

Group Chief Executive

National Express


‘A thought provoking practical drama for anyone who is passionate about excelling at customer service and driving business performance.’
Mike Holliday-Williams
Managing Director
RSA UK Personal Insurance



'An excellent primer about how to improve services for the public.'

Dame Sally C Davies
Director General of Research and Development
Department of Health



To win and keep customers you have to do more than just meet their expectations - you have to surpass them. The Finishing Touch will show you how to make a good customer experience great by building up to an impressive finish that every customer will remember.  Using real-life examples, practical advice and tailored information for your industry at the end of each chapter, Tony Cram will show you how to make your customers feel positive about your business, bring them back to buy more and inspire them to promote your business to others.

Deliver amazing service that will get your business noticed and make sure your customers come back from more



The Finishing Touchwill show you how to:

  • Make an excellent first impression

  • Manage customer expectations

  • Build a trusting relationship with your customers

  • Handle queues and bad news

  • Make every customer feel valued

  • Generate long-term interest through innovation

  • Recover from mistakes

  • Leave your customers wanting more so they come back time and time again.




About the author

Tony Cram has presented on competitive marketing and innovation at conferences and company conventions around the world including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Gothenburg, Istanbul, London, Paris and Warsaw. 

As a Programme Director at Ashridge Business School - one of Europe's leading centres for Management Development - he designs and delivers executive development programmes on business strategy and market innovation.  His particular interest is in understanding customer value, developing brands and the dynamics of long-term business relationships.

Tony Cram's previous books include - Customers that Count: How to build living relationships with your most valuable customers, Smarter Pricing: How to capture more value in your market and The Power of Relationship Marketing.


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