John C Baron

The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts

Unlocking the City's Best Kept Secret

Edition 2

The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts

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April 2020
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Making your capital work hard has never been more important than it is today. Investment trusts, often over looked as an investing vehicle, are a key tool in getting better returns on your money.

The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts is your concise and jargon free introduction to one of the City’s best kept secrets. It explains how investment trusts differ from unit trusts and OEICs and explores the pros and cons of investment trusts including their superior performance. It also helps you identify your investment objectives, discusses the basic principles of successful investing, and how to run a trust portfolio.

Whether you are a novice DIY investor or have many years’ experience and wish to question the experts; the FT Guide to Investment Trusts:

·    Provides a detailed overview of what investment trusts are and how they differ from other funds

·    Examines the factors which help to explain the better performance of trusts – including cheaper fees, discounts and gearing

·    Analyses the stepping stones to successful investing

·    Shows you how to construct and monitor a trust portfolio

·    Highlights the workings of two live and benchmarked portfolios which John has been sharing with Investor Chronicle readers over the years.