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What's Pearson eLearning?

Our online tutorials transfer the high quality contents of Pearson textbooks into a digital learning environment. Our MyLab and Mastering products are available for economics, natural sciences and engineering as well as many other disciplines. More than 10 million students around the world have already successfully been working together with their lecturers using Pearson online tutorials.

Save time by organizing your course with MyLab or Mastering:

The online tutorials provide access to all features and materials that lecturers and students need for a course. A course's own proven content can be added at any time. Using the platforms, you can always easily communicate with your students, make announcements, share information or give homework.

Use an extensive task pool with a variety of different types of tasks:

Lecturers can choose from a wide range of tasks to create homework, exams and tests, and assign them to their students. An automatic correction function minimizes time requirements.

Benefit from continuous transparency regarding the level of knowledge of your students:

In a transparent performance overview with numerous analysis options, you can view the results of your students at any time.This will give you valuable feedback on the issues in which your students need additional assistance and you can optimize your sessions using the principle of Just in Timeteaching.

Choose from a wide selection of innovative learning resources:

Each MyLab and Mastering product provides access to the associated textbook in eText format. Numerous additional digital learning aids such as computer graphics tools, videos, animations, simulations, experiments and many more explain and illustrate the textbook content.

There are many different MyLab- and Mastering products for all subject areas available

  • MyAccountingLab
  • MyFinanceLab
  • MyEconLab
  • MyITLab
  • MyPsychLab
  • MyMathLab
  • MasteringPhysics
  • MasteringChemistry
  • MasteringBiology
  • MasteringAstronomy
  • …and many more!

Here you will find a complete overview of all available products.


Comments of lecturers

Why do lecturers value Pearson MyLab and Mastering?

"I have used MyCommunicationLab in my lecture - and the students loved it! They could easily access the textbook chapter as an eBook from anywhere and the numerous exercises and quizzes allowed the practical application and reinforcing of the lecture contents through self-study. Especially helpful are the videos in which different communicative situations are demonstrated, an ideal supplement to the role-playing games which we carry out in class"
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Darr, Rhine-Waal University (Location Kleve)

"For me, the multiple-choice questions in MyAccountingLab are essential. In this way, students are able to check their knowledge through self-study. Even incorrect solutions to the multiple-choice questions often provide good information, which is very useful for self-regulation. If you do not understand the underlying issue at all, you also have the possibility to access the book via eText, on precisely the essential page."
Dr. Oscar Treyer, University of St. Gallen

"I decided to get MyEconLab because I wanted to make sure that the students work through the subject matter continuously throughout the semester and not just three days before the exam. MyEconLab ensures exactly this: The assignments (with fixed dates) enable students to practice the material parallel to the lecture, so they are always up to date. The feedback from the students has been very positive; they perceive the exercises to be helpful. "
Prof. Dr. Johannes Schmidt, University of Karlsruhe

"MyMarketingLab has proved to be very useful in addition to my course. The variety of different forms of media, such as movies, pictures, spoken explanations and charts is definitely not just an asset, it also allows an optimal transfer of what has been learned. "“
Prof. Mark Schumacher, Business School Lausanne

"The German translation of the proven English textbook Thomas' Calculus - namely the Pearson Series Analysis 1 and Analysis 2 - sets itself above the rest with unique teaching methods and is designed with excellent graphics in both volumes. These books are highly suitable for self-study, especially since they are precisely complemented by the modern e-learning platform MyMathLab. For our long-distance university Master's course inElectrical Engineering and Information Technology (, this series therefore offers an extremely successful introduction to Engineering Mathematics. Therefore, we have integrated this interactive teaching tool as an independent preliminary course in our online master's program. "
Prof. Daniel Erni, University Duisburg-Essen

Our products

MyLab | Deutsche Version

MyLab | German Version creates optimal conditions for both independent exam preparation for students as well as for the blended learning approach in courses. Since 2014, MyLab | German Version has been available for German textbooks in economics and natural sciences. MyLab | Deutsche Version is optimized for use on tablets (iPad, Android) - for greater mobility and flexibility in learning.

MyLab | Deutsche Version

All information can be found on our website:

MyMathLab Deutsche Version

MyMathLab German Version, supplements the German Pearson textbooks in mathematics and is particularly suitable for students of economics, natural sciences and technology courses.

A variety of examples with step-by-step instructions and exercises with hints contribute to better understanding and support students while practicing mathematical skills. With a task manager controllable by the lecturer with an automatic correction function and diverse analysis options, MyMathLab German Version is perfectly suited to accompany any such course.

MyMathLab Deutsche Version

All information can be found on our website:

MyLab and Mastering (english)

The Pearson MyLab- and Mastering platforms are online tutorials in the English language. Flexible, intuitive, interactive and easy to use, they offer a variety of innovative learning resources and support students in understanding and practicing the study material. Lecturers benefit from a powerful task manager to create homework, tests and examinations, and a transparent performance summary of the results of their students.

MyLab and Mastering (englisch)

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