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eBook versions

Pearson eBooks are high quality digital products and available in the following versions:

  • ePDF DRM protected
  • Online reading (web access)
  • Bundles containing a printed book and an online version
  • Campus licenses as web access
  • Pearson eText
  • Kindle versions (only for Amazon)

ePDF DRM protected

Pearson eBooks are protected from illegal distribution by a Digital Rights Management System (Adobe DRM). To read the individual ePDFs you need an ADE compatible reader. Such readers are available for almost all current platforms. For further information please read our help page.
The eBooks can be bookmarked and annotated, as well as printed.

eBooks for reading online (web access)

For online access, our eBooks can be read in any browser. With this option, you cannot download and copy and paste are not possible, but bookmarks and annotations can be set and restricted printing is possible in the browser,.

Bundles containing a printed book and online version

Together with the printed book, you can also receive the corresponding eBook with the option of reading online . Downloading is not possible.

Campus licenses as web access

Under this license option our eBooks can be read online in any browser from the university network. Downloading is not possible; restricted printing is possible in the browser; there is no copy and paste functionality; simultaneous access is limited to a maximum number of users. We will gladly prepare an offer for your campus licenses. For this, please contact our account managers.

Pearson eText

Pearson eText is an integral part of MyLabs, with the access code for MyLab you also get access to eText. Access has a time limit.

Kindle versions at Amazon

Pearson Higher Education books can also be obtained as a Kindle version from our partner Amazon.

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In our online shop you will find our books as DRM-protected PDF or bundles containing a printed book and an online version.
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