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What is Pearson Custom Publishing?

It's almost like writing your own book - without having to actually do it. “ Prof. Dr. Rolf Weder, Universität Basel

Custom Publishing allows that which traditional textbooks cannot offer. This offer is in reaction to the request of lecturers to adapt teaching materials customized to the content of their courses. Customized products perfectly meet the uniqueness of each course and the needs of students and lecturers.

Tailored to your course

With Custom Publishing, you can create a product that corresponds to the structure of your course perfectly. Combine content from various textbooks and add your own materials or exercises. Each Custom Publishing product is unique - unique as your teaching.

Custom Publishing with Pearson means the highest quality content

As the world's leading provider of high-quality and effective learning solutions, we offer content from astronomy to zoology.

Compose your own Custom Publishing p roduct from
  • our wide range of german and english textbooks and reference books
  • digital learning solutions with Pearson online tutorials from the MyLab and Mastering Series
  • your own content, materials and exercises
Recent examples
Allgemeine Psychologie
Allgemeine Psychologie

"Denken, Sprache, Lernen, Gedächtnis, Motivation" The book accompanying the same lecture at the University of Bremen..

Reading sample

Allgemeine Chemie
Allgemeine Chemie

Supplementary material for students of biology, "Molecular Life Sciences", "Computing in Science", dentistry and the Magisterium chemistry at the University of Hamburg.

Reading sample

Form, appearance, functionality: You decide!

You decide which form is best suited for you and your students. You have the choice between a printed book or an e-book and you can also decide if you want to supplement your teaching with online content or access to our online tutorials.

When designing your own Custom Publishing product, you have the opportunity to contribute your ideas for the cover and title or to design them completely yourself. Of course, we can add your name, the topic of your lecture and your institution to the cover.

The best solution for your students

The students receive exclusive content of the highest relevance and thus get the best possible support in learning. Unnecessary purchases are avoided - this saves your students money and reduces time required for all participants.

Our Service: We are at your side from the beginning to the end

The path to your tailor-made product is amazingly simple and straightforward. From your decision that custom publishing is the right choice for your lecture, we will accompany you in every step of the project. 

We will support you in selecting and delivering content, in structuring and designing your product as well as with a planned new edition. Your Pearson Academic Account Manager will help you if you have any questions.

Comments from the classroom

„The advantage of Custom Publishing is the provision of customized content at a relatively attractive price.“
Prof. Dr. Thomas Beißinger, Universität Hohenheim

„Our Custom Publishing book was designed completely according to our wishes and we are very happy about it. With this book, we can directly give our students wonderful, tailored support, made effective by the attractive layout alone. “
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schmitt, Hochschule für Ingenieurwissenschaften Wallis

„Both the students and I appreciate having a book like this very much. I was able to select the best chapters of two books and combine them, based on my opinion of the best teaching method for my area of expertise. The whole process as well as the result, can only be described as extremely good..“
Prof. Dr. Rolf Weder, Universität Basel

Are you interested in a tailor-made solution for your lecture?
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