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Pearson Studium publishes teaching and exercise books from leading English and German speaking experts in the fields of economics, psychology, natural sciences, engineering and computer science.

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Joy of understanding and feeling confident about examination subject - that is the goal of each student. We at Pearson Education publish only books that illustrate scientific teaching content through a variety of case studies, examples and exercises. In our books students will find examination material directly related to practice and later professional life. We bring together modern design, well-considered teaching methods and highly qualified authors to offer students up-to-date textbooks.

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A team of qualified consultants visits lecturers at the universities and helps in the selection of literature. They give these lecturers access to the password-protected area of our company website, where they can find additional material, such as exam questions, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, etc. to save time when preparing lectures. On our website students can also find more exercises, solutions or material to optimally support exam preparation.

Understanding through communication

The high level of acceptance at university level confirms our concept. Our editors are in constant dialogue with the lecturers in order to understand their expectations and to detect gaps in the textbooks offered. This is how we create university literature that meets the needs of teachers and learners.

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If you want to use our books in your seminars or lectures, we will send you a free eBook as sample copy. For this, please sign up on this website. After reviewing your information, you can download the favoured eBook (DRM protected pdf). The term 'lecturers' corresponds to teachers in higher education.

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We at Pearson have set ourselves the goal, to support every learner with our products as well as possible and thus contribute to the improvement of learning results. Therefore your opinion is very important to us. If you send us your feedback about our textbooks, we will have the opportunity to adapt our program even more appropriately to the needs of lecturers and students.

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