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Juval Löwy

Righting Software, 1/e

Edition 1

Righting Software, 1/e

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Even now, software projects keep failing at an alarming rate, many that make it out the door are rife with defects, and even “reliable” software systems often don’t meet expectations. Rank and file programmers act as mere technicians; software architects are inadequately trained for success, and the information available to them is haphazard, inconsistent, or wrong. In Righting Software, Juval Löwy helps overcome these problems by introducing a structured and highly engineered approach for system and project design that’s proven to work. 

Löwy’s software design methodology integrates two components that are intimately connected: system design (commonly known as architecture) and project design. Together, these comprise software design. For system design, he presents an engineered method for decomposing a system into smaller building blocks, or services – addressing the area where the vast majority of software architects currently fail. Next, he shows how to flow an effective project design from your system design, accurately calculating planned duration, cost, and risk, and devising several good execution options. 

The techniques and ideas in Righting Software apply regardless of software technologies, platforms, project size, company size, or industry – and they’re specifically designed to address today’s core causes of software failure.
  • Targets the specific reasons so many software projects still fail, even when they’re carefully architected and developed with agile methods
  • Helps students integrate the two key elements of software design that must work together: system design and project design
  • Includes a complete, start-to-finish case study
  • By Microsoft Software Legend Juval Löwy, one of the world’s leading experts in effective software engineering

Right Your Software and Transform Your Career

Righting Software presents the proven, structured, and highly engineered approach to software design that master architect Juval Löwy has practiced and taught around the world. Although companies of every kind have successfully implemented his original design ideas across hundreds of systems, these insights have never before appeared in print.

Based on first principles in software engineering and a comprehensive set of matching tools and techniques, Löwy’s methodology integrates system design and project design. First, he describes the one area where many software architects fail and shows how to decompose a system into smaller building blocks, or services, based on volatility. Next, he shows how to flow an effective project design from the system design; how to accurately calculate the project duration, cost, and risk; and how to devise multiple execution options. 

The methods and principles in Righting Software apply regardless of your project and company size, technology, platform, or industry. Löwy starts the reader on a journey that addresses the critical challenges of software development today by righting software systems and projects as well as careers–and possibly the software industry as a whole. Software professionals, architects, project leads, or managers at any stage of their career will benefit greatly from this book, which provides guidance and knowledge that would otherwise take decades and many projects to acquire.
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