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Mickey W. Mantle / Ron Lichty

Managing the Unmanageable, 2/e

Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams

Edition 2

Managing the Unmanageable, 2/e

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The definitive, extensively-updated guide to making software projects manageable by managing software people more successfully
  • Now reflects modern agile environments and their challenges throughout
  • Offers proven, real-world guidance for hiring, day-to-day management, and building a better software culture
  • Based on the authors’ 80 years of in-the-trenches experience at top firms including Apple and Pixar, and their nearly 100 talks on these subjects
  • Includes updated coverage of recruitment, onboarding, generational styles, managing poor performers, and much more
  • For software managers at all levels of experience, especially new managers called on to lead, guide, and review programmers who were recently their peers

Even today, many software projects still run catastrophically over schedule and budget; some organizations simply conclude that software development can’t be managed well. But it can -- and it starts with people. In their eagerly awaited, extensively updated Managing the Unmanageable, Second Edition, Mickey W. Mantle and Ron Lichty show how software managers can hire and develop programmers and build teams that are truly, consistently manageable.

Mantle and Lichty write for software managers at all levels, especially those who’ve recently moved into management. Drawing on their combined 80 years of software development and management experience, and the insights and wisdom of other successful managers, they guide you in: 
  • Hiring the right people
  • Motivating them
  • Building a culture of excellence
  • Managing “up” to gain buy-in from the executive suite
  • Leading your teams to deliver outstanding products -- consistently on time and budget
Significant updates in this edition include:
  • A new chapter on software management in agile environments, with modern agile coverage woven in throughout the book
  • Solutions for managing your youngest developers (beyond millennials)
  • Making the most of today’s developer recruiting tools
  • Achieving quick wins by onboarding more effectively
  • Expanded coverage of managing (and removing) problem employees
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