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Bill Wagner

More Effective C# (Covers C# 6.0) (Includes Content Update Program)

50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C#

Edition 2

More Effective C# (Covers C# 6.0) (Includes Content Update Program)

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Written for students with a strong basic understanding of C#, Bill Wagner’s More Effective C# will help them become outstanding programmers. Fully up-to-date, it introduces fifty intermediate-to-advanced-level techniques for writing highly-efficient and robust C# software. Packed with new techniques and code updated for the language’s newest capabilities, it follows the same format as Wagner’s best-selling Effective C#: clear, practical explanations, expert tips, and plenty of realistic code samples.


Drawing on his unsurpassed C# experience, Wagner helps experienced C# developers choose the most effective solution when multiple options exist, and develop code that’s easier to understand, maintain, and improve. Wagner also uncovers practices that compromise performance or reliability and shows exactly how to avoid them. Each section contains specific, actionable guidelines, organized into “items”: short vignettes offering careful advice, concise technical explanations, and illuminating examples.

In More Effective C#, Second Edition, world-renowned .NET expert Bill Wagner identifies and illuminates 50 intermediate-to-advanced techniques for writing exceptionally robust and well-performing C# 7.0 code. Reflecting the growing sophistication of the C# language and its development community, Wagner presents powerful new solutions to problems you’re likely to encounter every day.


Through three editions of Effective C#, Wagner’s clear explanations, expert tips, and realistic code examples have proven invaluable to hundreds of thousands of developers. Now, he brings the same proven approach to C# 7.0, focusing especially on new features that help you perform familiar tasks more efficiently and effectively.  


Drawing on his unsurpassed C# experience and key role on global C# standards committees, Wagner addresses object-oriented, functional, and service-oriented approaches to managing data with C#; better ways to express your intent to users and other programmers; and new opportunities to leverage powerful asynchronous and dynamic programming techniques.

  • Use properties instead of accessible data members (see Item 1)
  • Distinguish between value and reference types (see Item 4)
  • Understand relationships among multiple concepts of equality (see Item 9)
  • Avoid conversion operators in your APIs (see Item 11)
  • Understand how interface and virtual methods differ (see Item 15)
  • Avoid overloading methods defined in base classes (see Item 19)
  • Create method groups that are clear, minimal, and complete (see Item 22)
  • Enable immediate error reporting in iterators and async methods (see Item 26)
  • Use async methods for async work (see Item 27)
  • Avoid thread allocations and context switches (see Item 30)
  • Construct PLINQ parallel algorithms with exceptions in mind (see Item 36)
  • Use the thread pool instead of creating threads (see Item 37)
  • Use backgroundworker for cross-thread communication (see Item 38)
  • Use the smallest possible scope for lock handles (see Item 41)
  • Understand the pros and cons of dynamic programming (see Item 43)
  • Make full use of the expression API (item 46)
  • Minimize dynamic objects in public APIs (item 47)

You’re already a successful C# programmer: this book will make you an outstanding one.


Content Update Program: This book is part of the InformIT Content Update Program. As updates are made to C#, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match updates to the technologies. See inside for details.

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