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John M. Wargo

Learning Progressive Web Apps, 1/e

Edition 1

Learning Progressive Web Apps, 1/e

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Build reliable, fast, and engaging apps that deliver superb user experiences on any platform - without the development overhead of native apps!
  • Use JavaScript and modern Web APIs to build apps that are responsive, secure, self-updating, searchable, shareable, and maintainable
  • Start with a simple app and progressively enhance it with powerful modern capabilities
  • Discover how Service Workers can improve user experience and performance simply and painlessly
  • Full source code available on GitHub, with additional insights and support at pwalearn.com

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Learn how to use JavaScript and modern web technologies to build apps that are more reliable, faster, more engaging, easier to maintain, and are supported by all current browsers. Learning Progressive Web Apps is the first of a new generation of PWA guides that reflect breakthrough advances such as Service Workers and Web App Manifests, helping you combine the best features of web and mobile development. One step at a time, John Wargo introduces techniques for building apps that:
  • Responsively fit any form factor and work with all modern browsers
  • Can also work offline or on low quality networks
  • Offer modern app-style interactions, navigation, and push notifications to deliver a better user experience for more retention and reengagement
  • Update themselves automatically
  • Can be shared easily via URLs
  • Are served via HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping and tampering
Wargo clearly introduces each core concept, and illustrates the implementation of each capability through a running case study. You’ll start with a simple progressive web app, then incrementally expand and extend it with state-of-the-art features, usability, and performance. All example source code is available on Github, and additional resources will be available through the author’s site, pwalearn.com.

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